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  • All repairs backed by a 1 Year Warranty.
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iPad Repair

Same Day iPad Repair in Tallahassee, FL

If you need an iPad repair done today, uBreakiFix in Tallahassee is here to help. We're the leading store in North America for same-day device repairs, and we've specialized in Apple products from the start. Whether you're straining to read this through cracks and need an iPad screen repair, tethered to an outlet because your battery won't hold a charge, or need new a new volume, home, or power button, you'll be pleased with the speed of our iPad repair services.

For the average hardware repair, you should expect to wait about an hour. You don't have to wait in-store, so if you have errands to run or want to grab a bite to eat, your iPad will be ready when you return. We can also call you when it's done if you give us a phone number, as our repair times vary. iPad screen replacement, for example, typically takes no more than 20 minutes. We'll give you an accurate time estimate before we begin so you can go about your business.

Low-Price iPad Repairs

While it's possible to keep your iPad safe from damage with reasonable caution, accidents happen. Your iPad cost a lot of money, so we understand if you're concerned with the cost of repairs. Certain stores can charge more than half of the price of a new device for an iPad screen repair. We, however, aim to have the lowest prices in any area that we service, including Tallahassee.

If you're on the fence about choosing uBreakiFix because you found a cheaper price advertised elsewhere, we make the choice easy. Show us the ad, and if eligible, we'll do better than match their price - we'll take an additional $5 off.

Free Diagnostics with iPad Repairs

If you've ever messed up a DIY iPad screen replacement, you know just how important it is to have an expert handle your repairs. There are a lot of things that can go wrong along the way. Our technicians are familiar with the iPad screen replacement process, and we provide a 1 year guarantee on the quality of all work done and the components that we use, so you don't run the risk of dealing with a botched screen.

Regardless of what you visit us for, before we begin any work on your iPad, we'll run our standard diagnostic tests. This process allows us to verify the cause of the issue that's plaguing your iPad experience, and also to identify any additional damage or concerns that you may not have been aware of. We'll also be able to give you an accurate time and price estimate after testing your iPad.

Don't worry - we don't charge for diagnostics, and they are obligation-free. If you choose not to get a repair done after hearing the results of our tests, that's fine! We hold transparency and honesty in high regard, and we'll do our best to educate you about the condition of your iPad and options moving forward.